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Aluminum icosahedron, painted blue
Aluminum cuboctahedron, painted black
Aluminum dodecahedron, painted gold
Aluminum icosidodecahedron, painted silver
Aluminum tetrahedron, painted blue
Aluminum cube, painted black
Aluminum octahedron, painted gold
Aluminum rhombitruncated cuboctahedron, painted silver
We are currently out of stock on our mathematical model sets.

Each set includes:

  • a tetrahedron,
  • a cube,
  • an octahedron,
  • a dodecahedron,
  • an icosahedron,
  • a cuboctahedron,
  • an icosidodecahedron, and
  • a rhombitruncated cuboctahedron.
The models are made of solid aluminum, are precision die-cast, and are painted. (Shown on the left; click for a larger picture.) Each model is 3.20 cm (1.26 inches) in diameter. Each set comes in a clear, reclosable, plastic clamshell container.

Model sets also make great awards for mathematical achievements. They have been official prizes

Comments on the Models

The little polyhedra are a convenient size and weight to hold and admire. They glitter beautifully in the sunshine and the colours are pleasing.
H. S. M. Coxeter (1907–2003)

They are very beautiful and much admired.
H. M. Cundy (1913–2005)

The solids arrived yesterday, and they are BEAUTIFUL! I also liked the nice packaging.
—Professor Eli Maor

It is a special pleasure to have these handsome specimens on my desk.
—Dr. Peter Pesic

They’re beautiful!
—Professor Ian Stewart

I was happy to see that they are very juggle-able.
—Professor David J. Wright

They arrived yesterday and look great!
—Professor J. W. (Bill) Bruce

They are lovely!
—Professor Josef Lauri

It’s handy to have these precise little models that you can take out of your pocket and pass around the classroom.
—Professor George W. Hart

The models are lovely—my colleagues are delighted with the set I have given to the Department of Mathematics.
—Professor Victor E. Hill IV

They look wonderful.
Wucius Wong

They are really cute.
—Professor Michèle Audin

Very nice.
Robert Webb

I have your models on my desk and many visitors are amazed by their beauty and utility.
—Professor István Hargittai

Ivars Peterson

The polyhedra models made by Pedagoguery Software are just the thing to stimulate thought and exploration among students of any age. What properties have shapes, as different as these, in common? By playing with them, running your finger over their boundaries and turning them around in the light, insight is sparked.
Robert L. Kaplan

These are beautiful objects to behold. I was reminded of the wisdom of Ralph Waldo Emerson when he said: ‘We ascribe beauty to that which is simple; which has no superfluous parts; which exactly answers its end. which stands related to all things; which is the mean of many extremes.’; These Polyhedra are beautiful because they are simple; they have no superfluous parts; they exactly answer their ends; they stand related to all things; they represent the mean of many extremes.
—Professor S. J. Abas

The models have arrived safely and are very nice indeed. Very tactile!
—Dr. Julian R. Havil

These models are not only a delight for all geometers but also for all aesthetes who are lucky enough to see them and any person of sensibility who is lucky enough to touch them.
—Professor Emeritus Peter Hilton and Professor Jean Pedersen

Quite handsome.
—Professor Emeritus Norman W. Johnson

Very nice.
—Professor Emeritus R. P. Burn

I like them very much.
—Professor William Fulton

They are beautiful!
—Professor Jack Graver

Your polyhedral creations arrived while I was in California, and I am delighted to have them. For my book, ‘Math and the Mona Lisa,’ I had created images of the five basic polyhedral solids—in addition to a number of truncated, tessellated and stellated variations—using MATHEMATICA. I am delighted to have in my possession now the tangible solid forms in hand. They are indeed beautifully engineered and a wonder to hold.
—Professor Bulent Atalay

They are beautiful.
John Derbyshire

They are excellent.
—Professor Peter M. Higgins

Awesome die-cast solids! I’ve been working in a virtual space with software for so long, it’s good to feel real physical mathematical models for a change.
Ron Avitzur

The models arrived this morning. They are in perfect shape and look great.
—Professor Jean-Pierre Tignol

Got the polyhedra—wow! They are wonderful. I may be purchasing some more sets. Much appreciated!
—Professor Joseph O’Rourke

They are little gems!
—Professor John A. Adam

Your models arrived yesterday and they are beautiful. It is startling how crisp the corners are, particularly on the tetrahedron. They are a terrific addition to my exhibit.
—Professor Michael Henle

The polytopes arrived. They look awesome.
—Professor Alexander Barvinok

They are really beautiful.
—Professor Malcolm Adams

They are beautiful little objects and I’ll make good use of them in my courses.
—Professor Robert Edward Lewand

They’re great!
—Professor Vincent J. Matsko

Very neat!
—Professor Emeritus Joseph L. Doob