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With Tess, you can quickly create attractive symmetric planar illustrations. While you draw, Tess will automatically maintain the symmetry group you have chosen; 24 rosette, all 7 frieze, and all 17 wallpaper groups are included. Some prize-winning entries from our annual Tessellation contest are shown on the right. Our Users Gallery shows some other interesting projects that Tess has been involved with.

Tess can seamlessly show your illustrations on a variety of surfaces.

Cats ’n Dogs, Charles Morpheus Cats ’n Dogs, Charles Morpheus, on a torus
Cats ’n Dogs, Charles Morpheus—2005 Tess Contest
Fiddling Harlequin, Trey Kirk, on a cone Fiddling Harlequin, Trey Kirk
Fiddling Harlequin, Trey Kirk—2004 Tess Contest

You can also work with Heesch tilings; Tess supports all 28 (/ 29) Heesch tilings.

some Heesch tilings

Tess can save illustrations using Tess’ own cross-platform format and can export illustrations using GIF, JIF, PCX, EPS, SVG, and other formats. Print-outs from Tess are crisp since they are sent as vectors to your inkjet or laser printer and are processed at your printer’s resolution.

Tess offers an English, a Spanish, and a Korean interface.

Koi, by Odebo Babiuk
Odebo Babiuk

Garden, by Naresh Batham
Naresh Batham

Draco Rosa, by Odebo Babiuk
Draco Rosa
Odebo Babiuk

Crystal Blue, by Gretchen Walljasper
Crystal Blue
Gretchen Walljasper

De Doop Face, by Sarah Plunkett
De Doop Face
Sarah Plunkett

Curled Cats, by Sally Warn
Curled Cats
Sally Warn

Spring Ducks, by Odebo Babiuk
Spring Ducks
Odebo Babiuk

Saffron, by Alex McDonald
Alex McDonald