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ZDNet 5-Star Rating
32 bit GrafEq
ZDNet’s highest rating

Tucows 5 Golden Cows Rating
Classic Mac
Tucows’s highest rating

ZDNet 5-Star Rating
16 bit GrafEq
ZDNet’s highest rating

GrafEq (pronounced “graphic”) is an intuitive, flexible, precise and robust program for producing graphs of implicit equations and inequalities.

graph and equation for a circle of radius five

Complete integration into the high-school curriculum is possible with site licenses. The thumbnails shown on the right are graphs of implicit relations that were graphed with GrafEq and are discussed in the gallery. GrafEq is designed to foster a strong visual understanding of mathematics by providing a reliable graphing engine that encourages mathematical exploration.

GrafEq is used in schools and homes around the world. GrafEq offers an English, a Dutch, a Spanish, a French, a Brazilian Portuguese, an Indonesian, a Korean, and a Japanese interface.

Click on a link below to see an animated example session of GrafEq:

These were produced using Gif·gIf·giF.

All software packages, except [GrafEq 2.09], produced erroneous graphical results. ... [GrafEq 2.09] demonstrated its graphical sophistication over all the other packages investigated.
Michael J. Bossé and N. R. Nandakumar,
The College Mathematics Journal

(The other software packages were MathCad 8, Mathematica 4, Maple V, MATLAB 5.3, and Derive 4.11.)

Because of its ability to plot highly complex (implicit) equations, GrafEq will be invaluable to anyone who needs to visualize functions.
Ray Girvan, Scientific Computing World

GrafEq is sophisticated but friendly. ... [GrafEq] is a powerful tool for investigating topics in advanced algebra, trigonometry and precalculus. Teachers and students should find it valuable.
Loring Coes III, Mathematics Teacher

Perhaps one of the most immediately noticeable strengths of GrafEq is its ability to handle equations or other relations besides functions, something beyond the pale for graphing calculators and computer algebra systems.
Dr. M. Ecker,
Recreational & Educational Computing
“Masked” graph

“Decimal Squares” graph

“Sunlight Revealed” graph

“Digital Bacteria” graph

“The Big Swim” graph

“Disc 9” graph

“Chrome” graph

“Frontispiece” graph

“Margarita” graph