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Die-Cast Models
Stack of blue polyhedra
Each set of our precision die-cast aluminum polyhedra models includes all five Platonic solids and three Archimedean solids.
Polyhedra poster
Ignite the polyhedral passion within your visitors by displaying one of polyhedra posters in your home, workplace, or school.
A couple of math T-shirts
Show off your mathematical bent with one of our comfy T-shirts. Four designs and six sizes are available.
Mathematics Software
Graph of two relations
Graph mathematical formulas with ease and confidence using GrafEq. Shown above is y=x2 and the intersection of y<x2 and cos5(x2+y2)=0.
Poly & Poly Pro
Partially-unfolded polyhedron
Explore virtual polyhedra onscreen and build paper polyhedra from print-outs with Poly. Other 3D software can use models exported from Poly Pro.
Seamless tessellations in the plane and other surfaces are at your command with Tess. Doves, by Marc Angstadt, from our 2004 contest is shown here.
Graphics Software
A Smaller GIF & COGS
Under construction tessellation
Don’t waste your bandwidth and your visitor’s time—optimize your animated (and still) GIFs! (!) Work on them one-at-a-time with A Smaller GIF or in batches with COGS.
A moving window shown with ghost trails
If you’d like to quickly make animated software demonstrations or simple reports from screen captures, take a look at Gif·gIf·giF—our pioneering animated GIF program.