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Poly is a shareware program for exploring and constructing polyhedra. Poly Pro includes all of the features of Poly and adds the ability to export polyhedral models using standard 3d file formats (DXF, STL, and 3DMF). Three-dimensional models that have been exported from Poly Pro can be imported into third-party modelling software, as shown by the screen shots to the right.

With Poly Pro, you can also export animations of spinning polyhedra as animated GIF files. Static images can be exported as GIF or PCX files.

Poly Pro is used in schools, offices, and homes around the world. Poly Pro offers an English, a Dutch, a Spanish, a French, a Danish, a German, an Italian, a Polish, a Hungarian, an Estonian, a Traditional Chinese, and a Korean interface.

Pentagonal Cupola made of Geofix pieces
Pentagonal Cupola made of Geofix pieces
3DMF file as shown in Cinema4D XL
Pentagonal Cupola export as shown in Strata 3D
Pentagonal Cupola
3DMF file as shown in Strata 3D
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