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Pedagoguery Software Inc. maintains an email database that is used to let the users of our software know about free upgrades to the software they have registered. We also have several other mailing lists that are used to let members of the press and other interested parties know about new versions of our software. If you would like to be placed on, or removed from, our email database or one of our mailing lists, please send email to us at

Pedagoguery Software Inc. does not share the email addresses (or other information) in any of our mailing databases with other companies or individuals.


We do not sell or otherwise share information about the users of our software​—​unless the user has given us thier consent to do so, in which case consent is given for a particular purpose / incident. There are two ways this can happen.

  • When we show, or link to, a creation of one of our users and give credit to the author. The main example of this is our Tessellation contest gallery, where we show Tess illustrations and give credit to the artists. A credit line is optional; we are willing to share creations anonymously.
  • When someone has contacted us in the hopes of reaching one of our users. Each time this happens, we first ask the user how they would like to proceed. In the past this has involved long-lost friends or associates reconizing a name on our web site or admirers of artwork displayed on our site wanting to contact the artist.

Software Registration

When entering your registration code, our software uses a verification algorithm to verify that the code is valid. This verification algorithm does not send any information over the Internet and is a purely local process that runs on your computer only.


Individual / Single-User

Our intention with our individual / single-user licenses is that they be used in either one of the two following ways:

  1. by the registered user only, with the application installed and registered on one or more computers; or
  2. by one person at a time, with the application installed, registered, and used on one computer chosen by the registered user.

With the second, “the computer” is assumed to consist of a single work station (a place where only one person can comfortably interact with the computer at a time). If you are interested in licensing our software for use by multiple people on a collection of machines, please contact us. Such situations are typically covered by our site licenses.


  • If you will be installing and registering one of our programs on a large collection of machines and are unsure as to how to proceed, please contact us.
  • Although our regular site licenses apply to single sites (such as a school), a growing number of schools and districts are licensing our software for use on laptops that travel about with students. Please contact us if you are interesed in such a license.