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Grand Prize
Draco Rosa, by Odebo Babiuk
Draco Rosa
Odebo Babiuk
Polished Knot, by Odebo Babiuk
Polished Knot
Odebo Babiuk
Spring Ducks, by Odebo Babiuk
Spring Ducks
Odebo Babiuk

First Prize

Fiddling Harlequin, by Trey Kirk
Fiddling Harlequin
Trey Kirk

Second Prize

Duckies, by Christopher Martinez
Christopher Martinez
Imminent Collision, by Seth Leavitt
Imminent Collision
Seth Leavitt
Rocket, by Jeff Karr
Jeff Karr

Mom’s Fish, by Barbara J. Angstadt
Mom’s Fish
Barbara J. Angstadt
Doves, by Marc Angstadt
Marc Angstadt

Runner-up Prizes: Outstanding Geometric Designs

Snowflakes, by Erin Lee
Erin Lee
Geo Snowflakes, by Chris Martin
Geo Snowflakes
Chris Martin
Yellow Print, by Ann Marie Thamm
Yellow Print
Ann Marie Thamm

Pinwheel 1D, by Denise Smith
Pinwheel 1D
Denise Smith
Pinwheel 1AB, by Denise Smith
Pinwheel 1AB
Denise Smith
Matrix, by Saramae Varvaro
Saramae Varvaro

Runner-up Prizes: Twelve and Under

Mermaid in the Water, by A. Kelcie Angstadt
Mermaid in the Water
A. Kelcie Angstadt
Flower, by A. Kelcie Angstadt
A. Kelcie Angstadt
Butterflies, by A. Kelcie Angstadt
A. Kelcie Angstadt

Runner-up Prizes: Rosette Groups

Spinning Ducks, by Rachel Yeo
Spinning Ducks
Rachel Yeo
RaceCar, by Jeff Karr
Jeff Karr
Barnyard Dance, by Jeff Karr
Barnyard Dance
Jeff Karr

Hello, by Seth Leavitt
Seth Leavitt
3D Chess, by Marc Angstadt
3D Chess
Marc Angstadt
Dragonfly with Flower, by Cat West Lukens
Dragonfly with Flower
Cat West Lukens

Runner-up Prizes: Wallpaper Groups

Banana Slugs On Parade, by Leah Berman
Banana Slugs On Parade
Leah Berman
Escapements, by Blake Hodgetts
Blake Hodgetts
What You Say is Very Nosey, by Silvia Klein
What You Say is Very Nosey
Silvia Klein

Mermaid, by Blake Hodgetts
Blake Hodgetts
Trillium, by Leah Berman
Leah Berman
Surround Sound, by Silvia Klein
Surround Sound
Silvia Klein