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Grand Prize First Prize
Reflections, by Stefanie Maurice
Stefanie Maurice
Faces in a Flower, by Daniel Wyllie
Faces in a Flower
Daniel Wyllie
Stork and Cougar, by Daniel Wyllie
Stork and Cougar
Daniel Wyllie

Second Prize
Bumble Bee Connection, by Cyndi Bellerose-McAfee
Bumble Bee Connection
Cyndi Bellerose-McAfee

Third Prize

A Pond, by Catherine Webb
A Pond
Catherine Webb
Blue Birds, by Chandrashekhar Batham
Blue Birds
Chandrashekhar Batham
Dancer, by Kimberly Batti
Kimberly Batti (web site)

Mermaid Solidarity, by Annemarie Mayo
Mermaid Solidarity
Annemarie Mayo
Snake, by Jamie Oberschlake
Jamie Oberschlake
By Land or By Sea, by David Wallace
By Land or By Sea
David Wallace

Uccello, by Davide Possati
Davide Possati
Colorful Fish, by Maggie Aschenbrenner
Colorful Fish
Maggie Aschenbrenner
Pesce, by Davide Possati
Davide Possati

Runner-up Prizes

Intricacies, by Dylan Lynch
Dylan Lynch
Triangle Snowflakes, by Christine Allan
Triangle Snowflakes
Christine Allan
Queen of Hearts, by Catherine Webb
Queen of Hearts
Catherine Webb

Multiplication, by David Wallace
David Wallace
Mus, by Karin Crol
Karin Crol
Joker, by Snehalatha Markandeya
Snehalatha Markandeya

Cat Eyes, by Jill Sluka
Cat Eyes
Jill Sluka (web site)
Snow Tiger, by Elizabeth Alexandra
Snow Tiger
Elizabeth Alexandra
Rabbit Food, by Abby Hirsh
Rabbit Food
Abby Hirsh

Groovy, by Jaye Coltharp
Jaye Coltharp
Paisley, by Abby Hirsh
Abby Hirsh
Sting-a-Ling, by Cyndi Bellerose-McAfee
Cyndi Bellerose-McAfee

Runner-up Prizes: Under 18

The Jungle Band, by Jeanne Stuart
The Jungle Band
Jeanne Stuart

Stellar Entries: Under 18

Liberty, by Junzi Shi
Junzi Shi
Fruits Galore, by Kira Seidel
Fruits Galore
Kira Seidel
Ball Game, by Cora Brown
Ball Game
Cora Brown

Mac Boot, by Billy Tycer
Mac Boot
Billy Tycer
Midnight and Madness, by Kathleen Carter
Midnight and Madness
Kathleen Carter
Snakes, by Gretchen Walljasper
Gretchen Walljasper

Flower Garden, by Sarah Baker
Flower Garden
Sarah Baker
Peter the Frog, by Maxine Loh
Peter the Frog
Maxine Loh
—, by Avi Dhaliwal

Avi Dhaliwal

—, by Nikki Tan

Nikki Tan
Crazy Explosion, by Billy Tycer
Crazy Explosion
Billy Tycer

Stellar Entries: Twelve and Under

Psychedelic Snowflake, by Georgia Sears
Psychedelic Snowflake
Georgia Sears
Action in Space, by Kenny Sears
Action in Space
Kenny Sears
Tiki Madness, by Georgia Sears
Tiki Madness
Georgia Sears

Stellar Entries

Flower Power, by Rucha Shirsalkar
Flower Power
Rucha Shirsalkar
Button Stitched, by Bhairavi Talpade
Button Stitched
Bhairavi Talpade
Purple Phase, by J. Frederick Gehringer
Purple Phase
J. Frederick Gehringer

Stained Glass Round1, by J. Frederick Gehringer
Stained Glass Round1
J. Frederick Gehringer
The Geisha, by Catherine Webb
The Geisha
Catherine Webb
Japanese Flowers, by Emily Scott
Japanese Flowers
Emily Scott

Rainbow in a Weird Way, by Eddie Rivera
Rainbow in a Weird Way
Eddie Rivera
Penguins Ascending, by Lee Stemkoski
Penguins Ascending
Lee Stemkoski
Floor Design, by S. N. Gananath
Floor Design
S. N. Gananath

Kaleidoscope, by Snehalatha Markandeya
Snehalatha Markandeya
Untitled, by Jong Kim
Jong Kim
Synchronized Swimmers, by Kimberly Batti
Synchronized Swimmers
Kimberly Batti (web site)

Girls Dancing on Design Floor, by Bhairavi Talpade
Girls Dancing on Design Floor
Bhairavi Talpade
Tai Chi—Blossoming Rose Style, by Donald Kaiser
Tai Chi—Blossoming Rose Style
Donald Kaiser
Brazilian Soccer Player, by Daniel Wyllie
Brazilian Soccer Player
Daniel Wyllie

Braques, by Heather Mosher
Heather Mosher
Spring Time, by Emily Scott
Spring Time
Emily Scott
Flock of Dragons, by Margaret Hoskins
Flock of Dragons
Margaret Hoskins

Bubble Blowing, by Lori Anne Jesseman
Bubble Blowing
Lori Anne Jesseman
Cubes, by Seth Leavitt
Seth Leavitt
Granny Tales, by Bagur Markandeya
Granny Tales
Bagur Markandeya

Celtic Knot, by Jaye Coltharp
Celtic Knot
Jaye Coltharp
Elephant, by Snehalatha Markandeya
Snehalatha Markandeya
Bird, by Bagur Markandeya
Bagur Markandeya

Pansies, by Abby Hirsh
Abby Hirsh
Sushi Pattern, by Noni Creasey
Sushi Pattern
Noni Creasey
The Cat, by Jill Sluka
The Cat
Jill Sluka (web site)

Folk Art, by Naresh Batham
Folk Art
Naresh Batham
Spiny Orb Eater, by Cyndi Bellerose-McAfee
Spiny Orb Eater
Cyndi Bellerose-McAfee
Parrots, by Chandrashekhar Batham
Chandrashekhar Batham

Eye of Gaia, by Lori Anne Jesseman
Eye of Gaia
Lori Anne Jesseman

Outstanding Entries: Wallpaper Groups, Animal Tilings

Gecko, by Kurtis Osborne
Kurtis Osborne
Gecko’s basic interlocking pattern (topology) follows Escher’s Reptiles. If Gecko’s pattern were as inventive as its execution, Gecko would have placed higher.
Geco, by Davide Possati
Davide Possati
Kameel, by René Crol
René Crol

Duif, by René Crol
René Crol
Lam, by René Crol
René Crol
Eland, by Karin Crol
Karin Crol

Outstanding Entries: Wallpaper Groups, Patterns

#1, by Stefan Dragomir-Ene
Stefan Dragomir-Ene
#3, by Stefan Dragomir-Ene
Stefan Dragomir-Ene
Pentagon, by Peter Minehart
Peter Minehart

—, by George Hatzikiriakos

George Hatzikiriakos
Stars, by Ashley Prentice
Ashley Prentice
Roses, by Naresh Batham
Naresh Batham

Behind my Eyelids, by Karlene Marie Olesuk
Behind my Eyelids
Karlene Marie Olesuk
Shattered Imagination, by Nick Davis
Shattered Imagination
Nick Davis
Living Hypnotic, by Nick Davis
Living Hypnotic
Nick Davis

It started with a flower, by Sarah Pittman
It started with a flower
Sarah Pittman
Loop Flower, by Mikey McLaughlin
Loop Flower
Mikey McLaughlin
Elephant, by Alex Taciuk
Alex Taciuk

Two Peas in a Pod, by Maggie Aschenbrenner
Two Peas in a Pod
Maggie Aschenbrenner
Little Rose, by Karen M. Erdman
Little Rose
Karen M. Erdman
HPV Diagnosis, by Karlene Marie Olesuk
HPV Diagnosis
Karlene Marie Olesuk

Circles, by Maddie Michels-Boyce
Maddie Michels-Boyce
How Does Your Tess Garden Grow?, by Karlene Marie Olesuk
How Does Your Tess Garden Grow?
Karlene Marie Olesuk

Outstanding Entries: Rosette Groups, Geometric Patterns

Cold Sun, by Matt Low
Cold Sun
Matt Low
Fly Pat, by Karen M. Erdman
Fly Pat
Karen M. Erdman
Blooming Lily, by Elizabeth Alexandra
Blooming Lily
Elizabeth Alexandra

—, by Chiraag Gupta

Chiraag Gupta
Ahhhhhhhhhhh, by Mitch McDermott
Mitch McDermott
Easter Parade, by Maxine Loh
Easter Parade
Maxine Loh

PinWheel, by Margaret Rollings
Margaret Rollings
AlligatorPie, by Maggie Flint
Maggie Flint
WillyWonka, by Margaret Rollings
Margaret Rollings

Enchanting, by Leah Kremer
Leah Kremer
Orange, by Leah Kremer
Leah Kremer
Renegade, by Lauren Murck
Lauren Murck

Random, by Maddie Michels-Boyce
Maddie Michels-Boyce
Rainbow Star, by Kira Seidel
Rainbow Star
Kira Seidel
Father Abraham, by Jack Behm
Father Abraham
Jack Behm

K’s Farie Ringz ’n Farie Wingz, by Kaylaanne Glick
K’s Farie Ringz ’n Farie Wingz
Kaylaanne Glick
Fiesta Bubbles #2, by Kaylaanne Glick
Fiesta Bubbles #2
Kaylaanne Glick
Turtle, by Gretchen Walljasper
Gretchen Walljasper

Dancing Flower, by Whitney Williams
Dancing Flower
Whitney Williams
I Love Chrissy, by Victoria Powell
I Love Chrissy
Victoria Powell
Rainbow Spiraly, by Caroline Lauth
Rainbow Spiraly
Caroline Lauth

Stars and Stripes, by Ashley Prentice
Stars and Stripes
Ashley Prentice
Polka Dot Power, by Abi Abu-Bakr
Polka Dot Power
Abi Abu-Bakr
Blood-Stained Clematis, by Gao Sheng Lee
Blood-Stained Clematis
Gao Sheng Lee

Flying Schizophrenia, by Nick Davis
Flying Schizophrenia
Nick Davis
Whirly Flower, by Margaret Hoskins
Whirly Flower
Margaret Hoskins
Ying Yang Flower, by Donald Kaiser
Ying Yang Flower
Donald Kaiser

Triangles, by Ann Marie Thamm
Ann Marie Thamm
Red ’n Blue, by Charlie Hollender and Ben Byer
Red ’n Blue
Charlie Hollender and Ben Byer
RusticStars, by Caroline Lauth
Caroline Lauth

Rose Mandala, by Elizabeth Alexandra
Rose Mandala
Elizabeth Alexandra
Charging Atom, by David Cummings
Charging Atom
David Cummings
Aaron, by Aaron Peavy
Aaron Peavy

Scarab Mandala, by Jessica Atkinson
Scarab Mandala
Jessica Atkinson
Snuffleupagus, by Maggie Flint
Maggie Flint

Outstanding Entries: Rosette Groups, Figures

Geisha, by Sadie Lancrete
Sadie Lancrete
Armande... Wet?, by Sadie Lancrete
Armande... Wet?
Sadie Lancrete
Geisha, by Krishna Terry
Krishna Terry

Fairy Trist, by Annemarie Mayo
Fairy Trist
Annemarie Mayo
Tai Chi Chaun Acrobats, by Donald Kaiser
Tai Chi Chaun Acrobats
Donald Kaiser

Outstanding Entries: Rosette Groups

Andrew the Pig, by Maxine Loh
Andrew the Pig
Maxine Loh
Tree, by Jeanne Stuart
Jeanne Stuart
Magic Land, by Rosie Black
Magic Land
Rosie Black

For Science, by Lukas Edblom and Andrew Giese
For Science
Lukas Edblom and Andrew Giese
Coolio, by Sarah Bartell
Sarah Bartell
Pizza Wheel, by Margaret Rollings
Pizza Wheel
Margaret Rollings

Crazy, Awesome!, by Mitch McDermott
Crazy, Awesome!
Mitch McDermott
War, by Bayley Green
Bayley Green
Dr. S., by Kira Seidel
Dr. S.
Kira Seidel

Newest Man in Room, by John Spruth
Newest Man in Room
John Spruth
Blu Lightning Cupcakes, by Kaylaanne Glick
Blu Lightning Cupcakes
Kaylaanne Glick
Piranha, by Gao Sheng Lee
Gao Sheng Lee

Baton, by Christian Brown-Thomas
Christian Brown-Thomas
Race Car, by Junzi Shi
Race Car
Junzi Shi
Drink, by Barrett Clausen
Barrett Clausen

Office Supplies, by Billy Tycer
Office Supplies
Billy Tycer
4 Head Goat, by Sadie Lancrete
4 Head Goat
Sadie Lancrete
Cubes, by Ben Gebhardt
Ben Gebhardt

Spider in Web, by Chaitanya Talpade
Spider in Web
Chaitanya Talpade
Ganesh, by Rucha Shirsalkar
Rucha Shirsalkar
Doves Flying in the Sky, by Naresh Batham
Doves Flying in the Sky
Naresh Batham

Insectual, by Jessica Atkinson
Jessica Atkinson
Scarab Mandala, revision, by Jessica Atkinson
Scarab Mandala, revision
Jessica Atkinson
House of Dreams, by Jill Sluka
House of Dreams
Jill Sluka (web site)

→, by Lauren Murck

Lauren Murck
Hibiscus Flower, by Kate Mittermaier
Hibiscus Flower
Kate Mittermaier
Onigiri with Chopsticks on Paper, by Noni Creasey
Onigiri with Chopsticks on Paper
Noni Creasey

Birthday Cake, by Cora Brown
Birthday Cake
Cora Brown
Sisterhood, by Rucha Shirsalkar
Rucha Shirsalkar
Winner, by Sean Millam
Sean Millam

Outstanding Entries: Mirror Symmetries

Smiling Buddies, by Jong Kim
Smiling Buddies
Jong Kim
Part of World, by Brianna Hennessy
Part of World
Brianna Hennessy
Dancers, by Lenora Louise
Lenora Louise

Girl and Green, by Iva Zgombic Rukavina
Girl and Green
Iva Zgombic Rukavina
It Might Scare Emily, by Sarah Bartell
It Might Scare Emily
Sarah Bartell
Guardians of the Night, by Dylan Lynch
Guardians of the Night
Dylan Lynch

Bowling on Friday, by Andrew Eccles
Bowling on Friday
Andrew Eccles
NYC, by Sarah Baker
Sarah Baker
Robo4, by Sean Wells
Sean Wells

Outstanding Entries: Frieze Groups

Orange Cats, by J. Frederick Gehringer
Orange Cats
J. Frederick Gehringer
—, by Gabrielle Willms

Gabrielle Willms
Cake, by Gretchen Walljasper
Gretchen Walljasper

Petals and Thorns, by Rosie Black
Petals and Thorns
Rosie Black
Yellow Brick Road, by Leah Kremer
Yellow Brick Road
Leah Kremer
The Monkeys Uncle, by Rosie Black
The Monkeys Uncle
Rosie Black

Marching Men, by Sean Millam
Marching Men
Sean Millam
Copies, by Jong Kim
Jong Kim
Impossible Box, by Ben Gebhardt
Impossible Box
Ben Gebhardt

Peacock Border, by Bhairavi Talpade
Peacock Border
Bhairavi Talpade
Banana Pattern #2, by Sean Wells
Banana Pattern #2
Sean Wells

Outstanding Entries: Mixed

Candy Daydream, by Mitch McDermott
Candy Daydream
Mitch McDermott
Does it Make Sense?, by Vickash Ramcharran
Does it Make Sense?
Vickash Ramcharran
Ganesha—the Elephant God, by S. N. Gananath
Ganesha—the Elephant God
S. N. Gananath

Whale, by Karen M. Erdman
Karen M. Erdman
Sundari, by Bagur Markandeya
Bagur Markandeya
Presidents, by Christian Brown-Thomas
Christian Brown-Thomas

Grim, by Kyle Baker
Kyle Baker

Outstanding Entries: Wallpaper Groups, Larger Motifs

Dolphins, by Chandrashekhar Batham
Chandrashekhar Batham
—, by Holly LaRiviere

Holly LaRiviere
Canada Flag, by Phil Stringer
Canada Flag
Phil Stringer

DNA Symmetry, by Felipe García Ramos
DNA Symmetry
Felipe García Ramos
Lions, by Iva Zgombic Rukavina
Iva Zgombic Rukavina
ColdPlay, by Heather Mosher
Heather Mosher

Prarie Dog Town, by Cora Brown
Prarie Dog Town
Cora Brown
Skeletons in the Closet, by Noni Creasey
Skeletons in the Closet
Noni Creasey
Orange Guys, by Marjolein Wolke
Orange Guys
Marjolein Wolke

Pink Man, by Marjolein Wolke
Pink Man
Marjolein Wolke
Happy Faces, by Stefan Dragomir-Ene
Happy Faces
Stefan Dragomir-Ene
Venetian Masks, by Christine Allan
Venetian Masks
Christine Allan

Suburbia, by Katie Kolakowski
Katie Kolakowski
—, by Sanisha Sahota

Sanisha Sahota
Cards, by Iva Zgombic Rukavina
Iva Zgombic Rukavina

Catterpillers, by Chaitanya Talpade
Chaitanya Talpade
Memory Upgrade, by David Wallace
Memory Upgrade
David Wallace
Bird, by Yoori Yang
Yoori Yang

Save the Earth, by Junzi Shi
Save the Earth
Junzi Shi
Cat and Mouse, by Sarah Pittman
Cat and Mouse
Sarah Pittman
Horses, by Kathryn Demanelis
Kathryn Demanelis

Angry Pumpkin, by Phil Stringer
Angry Pumpkin
Phil Stringer
Vlinder, by Karin Crol
Karin Crol
What’s in a Name?, by Jaye Coltharp
What’s in a Name?
Jaye Coltharp