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Grand Prize
All Bark and No Bite, by Daniel Wyllie
All Bark and No Bite
Daniel Wyllie
Journey to Infinity, by Daniel Wyllie
Journey to Infinity
Daniel Wyllie
Laugh Last, Laugh Best, by Daniel Wyllie
Laugh Last, Laugh Best
Daniel Wyllie

First Prize

Reflected Penguin, by Jill Sluka
Reflected Penguin (A, B)
Jill Sluka (web site)

Second Prize

Lucky Day, by Crystal Lemmer
Lucky Day
Crystal Lemmer
1-2-3 Sheep!, by Crystal Lemmer
1-2-3 Sheep!
Crystal Lemmer
Cheese Confusion, by Crystal Lemmer
Cheese Confusion
Crystal Lemmer

Third Prize

Sacrifice, by Megan Leppington
Megan Leppington
CCGG, by René Crol
René Crol
CCC, by René Crol
René Crol

Birdy, by Norbert Sagehorn
Norbert Sagehorn
Controlled Depth, by Scott Fisk
Controlled Depth
Scott Fisk
Elf, by Catherine Webb
Catherine Webb

The Eye, by Tiffany Reed
The Eye
Tiffany Reed
Cats, by Catherine Webb
Catherine Webb
An Atom Blooms, by Steven Webb
An Atom Blooms
Steven Webb

We Pray for Peace, by Loretta Angelica
We Pray for Peace
Loretta Angelica
Exploring HexSpace, by Charles Morpheus
Exploring HexSpace
Charles Morpheus (web site)
Nature’s Flame, by Adrian Dones
Nature’s Flame
Adrian Dones

Third Prize: High-School Students

Butterfly World, by Lizzie Nguyen
Butterfly World
Lizzie Nguyen

Runner-up Prizes

Snakes, by Catherine Webb
Catherine Webb
Powder Blue Tang, by Monika Umba
Powder Blue Tang
Monika Umba
Cranes, by Marc Angstadt
Marc Angstadt

Twin Pharaohs, by Charles Morpheus
Twin Pharaohs
Charles Morpheus (web site)
Nature, by Scott Fisk
Scott Fisk

Superstellar Entries

Connected, by Kimberly Batti
Kimberly Batti (web site)
Lady, by Monika Umba
Monika Umba
Children Playing, by Umer Farooq
Children Playing
Umer Farooq

Friday Morning, by Monika Umba
Friday Morning
Monika Umba
Imagina, by Loretta Angelica
Loretta Angelica
Red Devil, by Joshua Metz
Red Devil
Joshua Metz

Break Away, by Christina Naguib
Break Away
Christina Naguib

Superstellar Entries: Rosette Groups

Penguin Flower, by Jill Sluka
Penguin Flower
Jill Sluka (web site)
Seven Deadly Sins, by Puripant Ruchikachorn
Seven Deadly Sins
Puripant Ruchikachorn
Frog & Leaf, by Linda Lee
Frog & Leaf
Linda Lee

Sundala, by Ike Eisenstadt
Ike Eisenstadt
Lizard, by Marc Angstadt
Marc Angstadt
Cosmos, by Marc Angstadt
Marc Angstadt

Superstellar Entries: Wallpaper Groups

Man and Woman, by Bhairavi Talpade
Man and Woman
Bhairavi Talpade
Fish and Bird, by Bhairavi Talpade
Fish and Bird
Bhairavi Talpade
Spring Break, by Nikki George
Spring Break
Nikki George

And as the Crowd Looked on In, by Preston Link
And as the Crowd Looked on In
Preston Link
Apple Tree, by Paul Summerfield
Apple Tree
Paul Summerfield
Origami Paper Folding, by Steven Webb
Origami Paper Folding
Steven Webb

Spice Market, by Christine Allan
Spice Market
Christine Allan
Sudden Bliss, by Iva Zgombic Rukavina
Sudden Bliss
Iva Zgombic Rukavina
Cosmic, by Paul Summerfield
Paul Summerfield

Stellar Entries

Medusa, by Linda Lee
Linda Lee
Fire, by Dylan Lynch
Dylan Lynch
TGTG, by René Crol
René Crol

Stellar Entries: Mirror Symmetry

Tut’s [Re]curs[iv]e, by Christine Allan
Tut’s [Re]curs[iv]e
Christine Allan
Fantasy, by Christina Naguib
Christina Naguib
Twins, by Rui Lai
Rui Lai

Stellar Entries: Wallpaper Groups

Fireworks, by Alina Petteruti
Alina Petteruti
Grand Tetons, by Amy Adams
Grand Tetons
Amy Adams
Vibrating Flowers, by Amy Adams
Vibrating Flowers
Amy Adams

Stripes and Flourish, by Ike Eisenstadt
Stripes and Flourish
Ike Eisenstadt
Poppy Glass, by Chris Elder
Poppy Glass
Chris Elder
Spinning Popsicles, by Kate Andersen
Spinning Popsicles
Kate Andersen

Vitrail of Silent Heart, by Iva Zgombic Rukavina
Vitrail of Silent Heart
Iva Zgombic Rukavina
Renda, by Elaine Vidal Oliveira
Elaine Vidal Oliveira
Childhood Reminiscence, by Najwa Zebian
Childhood Reminiscence
Najwa Zebian

Mayan Morning, by Lane Last
Mayan Morning
Lane Last
Moroccan Tiles, by Christine Allan
Moroccan Tiles
Christine Allan
Flowers with Birds, by Danielle Koenig
Flowers with Birds
Danielle Koenig

My Bedroom Wallpaper, by Heather Andersen
My Bedroom Wallpaper
Heather Andersen
Flowers on the Fence, by Heather Andersen
Flowers on the Fence
Heather Andersen
Ocean, by Preston Link
Preston Link

HT, by Paul Summerfield
Paul Summerfield
Clockwork Orange, by Puripant Ruchikachorn
Clockwork Orange
Puripant Ruchikachorn
Tulips Dance, by Iva Zgombic Rukavina
Tulips Dance
Iva Zgombic Rukavina

Armory, by Preston Link
Preston Link

Stellar Entries: Rosette Groups

Abstract Face, by Danielle Koenig
Abstract Face
Danielle Koenig
Starburst, by Jennifer Vainright
Jennifer Vainright
Pretend, by Jill Sluka
Jill Sluka (web site)

Sunshine, by Nick Bird
Nick Bird
Controlled Chaos, by Scott Fisk
Controlled Chaos
Scott Fisk
Mosaic Star, by Nick Bird
Mosaic Star
Nick Bird

Stellar Entries: High-School Students

Oracle, by Jessica Waterman
Jessica Waterman
Giraffe in Africa, by Joshua Guillaume
Giraffe in Africa
Joshua Guillaume
Space Man, by Jessica Waterman
Space Man
Jessica Waterman

Stellar Entries: Middle-School Students

Whales, by Kathryn Hehre
Kathryn Hehre
Bumble Bees, by Kathryn Hehre
Bumble Bees
Kathryn Hehre
Tribute, by Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams

Spring to Life, by Ellen Kuhlman
Spring to Life
Ellen Kuhlman
One, by Paul Hagen
Paul Hagen
Three, by Aleksandar Straumann
Aleksandar Straumann

Cosmos, by Eli Johnson
Eli Johnson
Atomic Structure, by Anthony Williams
Atomic Structure
Anthony Williams
Spiked Ring, by James Lunning
Spiked Ring
James Lunning

Mr. Birdy, by Benjamin Nordquist
Mr. Birdy
Benjamin Nordquist

Stellar Entries: Elementary-School Students

Rosette, by Ernest Obihara
Ernest Obihara
Oranges, by Ernest Obihara
Ernest Obihara
Stars, by Ernest Obihara
Ernest Obihara

Outstanding Entries: Mirror Symmetry

Butterfly, by Camillé Snyder
Camillé Snyder
Reflection, by Joseph Conway
Joseph Conway
Hannah, by Camillé Snyder
Camillé Snyder

Road to Infiniti, by Stuart Klenk
Road to Infiniti
Stuart Klenk
The Scream, by Joseph Conway
The Scream
Joseph Conway
Musical Chair, by Anthony Williams
Musical Chair
Anthony Williams

Summer Pond, by Kate Andersen
Summer Pond
Kate Andersen
Fortune Cat, by Ally Wang
Fortune Cat
Ally Wang

Outstanding Entries: Frieze Groups

Traffic, by Evan Sowder
Evan Sowder
Mother and Daughter, by Amelia Bender
Mother and Daughter
Amelia Bender
Oak Leaf Frieze Band, by Ike Eisenstadt
Oak Leaf Frieze Band
Ike Eisenstadt

Outstanding Entries: Wallpaper Groups

Flowerworks, by Amelia Bender
Amelia Bender
Crazy Tomatoes, by Amy Adams
Crazy Tomatoes
Amy Adams
Insect and Eggs, by Heather Andersen
Insect and Eggs
Heather Andersen

Never Ending, by Jay Roler
Never Ending
Jay Roler
Two, by Aleksandar Straumann
Aleksandar Straumann
Colours of Fall, by Najwa Zebian
Colours of Fall
Najwa Zebian

Umbrellas, by Amelia Bender
Amelia Bender
Diamondical Pattern, by Stuart Klenk
Diamondical Pattern
Stuart Klenk
Black and White, by Thomas Lawless
Black and White
Thomas Lawless

Ninja Stars, by Joseph Conway
Ninja Stars
Joseph Conway
Presente, by Elaine Vidal Oliveira
Elaine Vidal Oliveira
One, by Aleksandar Straumann
Aleksandar Straumann

Outstanding Entries: Rosette Groups

Ferris Wheel, by Alina Petteruti
Ferris Wheel
Alina Petteruti
Orchid Dance, by Loretta Angelica
Orchid Dance
Loretta Angelica
Break the Habit, by Christina Naguib
Break the Habit
Christina Naguib

Cosmos, by Dana Norby
Dana Norby
Peacock, by Puripant Ruchikachorn
Puripant Ruchikachorn
Cats, by Peter Raedschelders
Peter Raedschelders

Lady, by Linda Lee
Linda Lee
Flower, by Ellie Sharpe
Ellie Sharpe
Sun, by Ellie Sharpe
Ellie Sharpe

Flower Power, by Kate Andersen
Flower Power
Kate Andersen
My Name, by Najwa Zebian
My Name
Najwa Zebian
The Rooster, by Cherrie Bevers
The Rooster
Cherrie Bevers

Nick’s Number Two, by Nicholas Petree
Nick’s Number Two
Nicholas Petree
Design Cool, by Eliott Brooks
Design Cool
Eliott Brooks
Rainbow, by Anna Frisbie
Anna Frisbie

Flowers, by Dana Norby
Dana Norby
Steel Masochist, by Dana Norby
Steel Masochist
Dana Norby
Instrumentation, by Cindy Ochieng
Cindy Ochieng

Stars, by Kathryn Hehre
Kathryn Hehre
Crabs High Five, by Mary Lou Wilshaw-Watts
Crabs High Five
Mary Lou Wilshaw-Watts
The Doors, by Nicholas Petree
The Doors
Nicholas Petree

Cirkle, by Cherrie Bevers
Cherrie Bevers
Two, by Paul Hagen
Paul Hagen
Future’s World, by Phuong Nhat Minh
Future’s World
Phuong Nhat Minh

Eye of the Beholder, by Lanny A. Helton
Eye of the Beholder
Lanny A. Helton
Fleur de Lisa, by Cherrie Bevers
Fleur de Lisa
Cherrie Bevers
Visual Image, by Calvin Loh
Visual Image
Calvin Loh

What Every 365 Days Brings, by Andrew Chen
What Every 365 Days Brings
Andrew Chen
Roxy, by Alina Petteruti
Alina Petteruti

Outstanding Entries

Cartoon, by Umer Farooq
Umer Farooq
Volcano, by Ellie Sharpe
Ellie Sharpe
The Accent of Grey, by Sam Golden
The Accent of Grey
Sam Golden

Tiger Sun, by Balleria Carlo
Tiger Sun
Balleria Carlo
Snowflake, by Dylan Lynch
Dylan Lynch
Global Warming, by Katie Basse
Global Warming
Katie Basse

Beach, by Natalie Huber
Natalie Huber
Nick’s, by Nicholas Petree
Nicholas Petree
iPod, by Charles Pieper
Charles Pieper

The Earthquake, by Stuart Klenk
The Earthquake
Stuart Klenk
Drip Drip Drip, by Ellen Kuhlman
Drip Drip Drip
Ellen Kuhlman
Netherlands, by Balleria Carlo
Balleria Carlo

Aerobics, by Umer Farooq
Umer Farooq